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Colectivo 65

April 3, 2018 by Ana Rodrigues

The concept of Colectivo 65 starts with one question:

When you retire do you want to go to a nursing home?

The answer of 99% of people is no. The society tell us that after 65 years old we have 10 more years with life quality, but after that we have to give ourselves to institutions that to their best to keep us well, only that they tend to limit our freedom, criativity and learning.

And the main consequence is that our main muscle (the brain) stops working…

After several researches and analyses in countries like Spain, Norway and Japan, we got to the conclusion that after the beginning of retirement and with the children leaving home, it’s not necessary a property of big dimensions because we tend to isolate ourselves.


And the Colectivo 65 is that!

A social and living space for those over 65…

That is:

If you are a entrepreneur and want to invest in this business area, contact us to know more about this through our email:


But if you are retired and want to continue enjoying life and if possible as you never did, come meet us!

If you want to invest in the future with us and if you want to live this experience come meet us in Leiria!